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MP # 2- Research Proposal Draft

Research Proposal Draft The working title for my second major project will be “Native American students trying to survive in American schools.” My goal for this project is to observe the Native American Organization here at ECU. While observing this … Continue reading

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GWA: Pg’s 55-56

Groundwork Activity (Pages 55-56) The first activity is to make a list of communities from the ECU campus that I might study from a fieldworking perspective. Some communities on the ECU campus include: Sororities, Fraternities, Student Government Association, GLBTSU, Student … Continue reading

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AB- College Freshman Cultural Differences

Annotated Bibliography Malwitz, R. (2010, August 22). College freshmen bring cultural differences with them. In My Central Retrieved January 14, 2011, from The author of this website informs the readers about how college freshmen are different each year … Continue reading

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AB: House for the Homeless

Annotated Bibliography Nikolic, I. (2007). House for the homeless: A place to hang your hat. In B. Sunsteir and E. Chiseri-Strater, Fieldworking: Reading and writing research (3rd ed., pp. 45-54). Boston: Bedford St. Martin’s. The author is informing the readers … Continue reading

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DW Box # 1

DW Box # 1 (Pages 6-7) A subculture I am apart of is the world of dance. Like myself, most dancers star out when they’re very young. Dancers start out with the basics and as they get older they learn … Continue reading

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DW Box # 3

DW Box # 3 (Pages 20-23) On February 16, The Girls Gone Wild bus was on it’s way to East Carolina University. Since ECU is known to be a big party school, the Girls Gone Wild crew made sure they … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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