Ethnography Reflection -MP # 2

a) Briefly discuss your writing process for the ethnography; what interesting things have happened? Unexpected turns? Discoveries? Frustrations? Urgent needs for resources? Satisfactions? Use of Discovery Writings?

-At first I was having a really hard time with this ethnography. Finding online sources was hard at first but it got easier. I only used two sources out of the four that I found because those seemed to help me the most in what related to my ethnography topic. The interesting parts to the process of writing this ethnography was actually getting to go out and observe instead of just having to write a paper based solely on online sources. The Pow-Wow was a very interesting event to attend and it was a fun way for me to gather information for my ethnography. Throughout this process I discovered that Native students even though they seem just like me have a difficulty adjusting to school because they have such specific cultural norms. This project definitely had it’s frustrating points. Going to meetings over and over again when the enviornment and people were the same was annoying because my fieldnotes weren’t changing, but luckily there was the Pow-Wow which fixed that problem. It was also very frusturating putting everything together in a paper, because I had so much information that I had learned it was hard to organize it and make it flow especially since I had never written an ethnography before. The discovery writing boxes didn’t seem to help much with my paper except for the part about my artifact. I felt like I chose a good organization to do my ethnography on because everyone was friendly and their meetings and events fit into my schedule so i’m satisfied about that.

b) What do you like best about your ethnography and why?

-The best thing I like about my ethnography is that not only do I tell about the difficulties the Native American students have in school, I explain why they have these difficulties and ways that can help them succeed with school.

c) During this semester-long ethnography project, what have you learned about communicating both primary (fieldworking) and secondary (libraryworking) research to an audience?

– I learned that you really have to stay organized. You have to use your fieldnotes as a guide to help you work in your online research into your ethnography. I learned that in an ethnography you really want to use your fieldnotes as much as you can to paint a picture of the enviornment, people, and setting for your audience.

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