E-Portfolio Introduction

Welcome to my blog, I’m Sierra Alexander and i’m finishing up my freshman year of college. Spring semester 2011 I was enrolled in English 1200 Service Learning with Mrs. Stephanie West-Puckett. This blog isn’t just about online research and writing normal papers like every other English class, this blog is about combing online sources and information from going out and exploring fields in order to write better papers. This semester i’ve been working hard by making sure I put plenty thought and effort into every single entry in my blog.

In order for my readers to easily maneuver through my blog, all my posts are categorized into tags. The three main tags are: DW Boxes, MP # 1 (Black schools project), and MP # 2 (Ethnography project). There are also sub-tags such as Ground Working Activity and Annotated Bibliographies. Each of these writings have a different purpose. MP # 1 and MP # 2 are two seperate projects and don’t relate in any way, but the DW Boxes, Annotated Bibliographies, and Ground Working Assignments all build up to the two major projects. All of my blog entries are revised and polished to the best of my ability. Since i’m just a freshman in college I still have many years to improve on my writing, with that being said not all of my entries in this blog are perfect because there’s always room for improvement with any writer. Readers should read my blog according to projects. For MP # 1 readers should start off by reading my proposal, then the DW boxes relating to this project, and then my actual project which includes 2 digital timelines, an essay, and an interview video. For MP # 2 readers should start off by reading my proposal, my fieldnotes, DW boxes relating to this projects, and then read my actual ethnography. If readers go in this order they will be able to get background information before starting to read the actual projects and it will help everything flow better.

Over the course of this semester i’ve learned a great deal of things. With the Ethnography I learned about a whole new culture and it’s history, and with the Black Schools Project I learned about integration right here in North Carolina. The thing i’m still wondering about is how integration was really handled back when Ayden and Grifton merged, because when working on this interview we got two different biased stories, but I guess i’ll never really know since I wasn’t actually there. From reading my Ethnography I hope readers will understand that Native American culture and people aren’t just the stereotypes of what we have learned growing up as kids.  Native people are traditional, and follow specific roles, rules, beliefs, and values. When reading my Black Schools Project I hope that readers can get a better idea of how times were like back in the time of integration. As a result of reading my work I want readers to understand as much as I do about the Native American culture and Integration in Pitt County. I want my blog entries to give readers enough information to fully educate them on these two topics.

This blog focuses on mainly two topics: Integration and Native American Culture, both which are interesting. I invite you to read this blog and better educate yourself on these two topics. You will easily be able to find topics on my blog, so it’s not too much of hassle to just sit down and read. I hope all who are reading this continue on to read my blog.


Sierra Alexander

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