FieldNotes # 5 – MP # 2

East Carolina Native American Organization

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bate Building Room 1010



  • Not a lot of people showed up on time
  • All girls were tan, dark hair
  • 1 little boy who belonged to Alisha, he was also tan
  • 1 black male member
  • Very southern accents
  • Laughing and joking around
  • 2 main girls are sharing lots of ideas with the groups
  • Alisha although not the president seems to be in overall charge
  • Electing for officers by nominating


  • Informal meeting
  • Open to suggestions
  • Everyone would put in their own inputs
  • Nominating was casual
  • Everyone seemed to like each other
  • Even though it was the last meeting of the year, there was hardly any members there which makes me think that people don’t take the organization very serious
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Time Lines of Ayden and Grifton – MP #1

Ayden :

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MindMeister Map – MP # 2

My Link :

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Reflection # 2- MP # 1

1. BSP has frustrated me as a writer because it required a lot more research and a work then when we’re just writing a paper on something the teacher tells us. I feel like our group just had so many things to do in order for this project to come together, for example first we had to do research in the North Carolina Collections which we didn’t find hardly anything relating to our project in that collection, so since we couldn’t find information in our library we had to take two visits to the library in Ayden to find out all our information which was somewhat of a hassle going back and forth to Ayden. To get our interviews completed we also had to go to Ayden, so in order to get this project done we had to do a lot of work we haven’t had to do in the past. The Dipity timelines for Ayden and Grifton are helpful to show the history of the towns, it’s just hard to site every single date because when writing our timeline we didn’t write down the source for each date. These are not the same frustrations I normally would get when writing a traditional paper for a class, because those frustrations just consisted of having to write a long paper and not wanting to do it because the topic was boring. This project is different from writing traditional papers because it’s more interesting, we have more information therefore it’s easier to write about, and I also feel like i’m more involved in my research so it’s not like the same old boring traditional english paper.

2. I feel the professor may have structured this assignment in this way because it made us think more, it wasn’t like traditional writing, it gave us a chance to go and explore the history of our project instead of just finding it online or in a book. I feel like we were treated more like adults and we had more freedom when using the blogs, I felt like since our assignments weren’t so structured we were able to think and explore more and I felt like it helped me grow more as a writer, because going from last semester where all we did was write 6 page papers to this semester where we had little online assignments and two big assignments that required more than just writing and more thought it made us grow more as writers.

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Essay – MP # 1

Ayden and Grifton Coming Together in the Time of Integration

Ayden-Grifton High School has not always been one school, in fact Ayden-Grifton High Schools is made up of three schools from two different towns. There’s the town of Ayden and the town of Grifton, both located in North Carolina about 18 minutes away from each other. Before the time of integration the town of Ayden had to high schools; one for black kids and one for white kids. The schools for black students was called South Ayden High, and the school for white students was called Ayden High. As far as we know for the town of Grifton there was only one school which was for white students called Grifton High.

Before the merging of the three schools to form Ayden-Grifton High, there was somewhat of a merger of students attending school in the town of Ayden. The town of Ayden issued a Freedom of Choice. All parents in the town were given applications in which they would mark what school they would like to attend; either Ayden High or South Ayden High. If your parents didn’t turn in your application you were just assigned to the school that was closest to where you lived.

When doing our two interviews with a former black student who was one of the few blacks to attend Ayden and doing our other interview with a former white teacher who taught at Ayden we got two different sides to how the integration process went during the mergers of Ayden and South Ayden High. Ivory, the former black student told us many stories about how white students were mean and showed hatred toward him and the other black students who attended Ayden, and he told us that most of the teachers showed prejudice and treated the black students unfairly. When we interviewed Ivory he told us that the only teacher who was fair and didn’t show prejudice was Mr. Chuck Dunn, and that’s who we did our second interview with. When talking to Mr. Dunn he made it seem like there weren’t many problems with the black and white students together, which was a completely different story from what Ivory had said. The reason Mr. Dunn may have thought that is because he treated all students the same regardless of their color, and when asked in the interview why he did what he did in treating all students fairly Mr. Dunn stated that “Kids are kids, and I never thought of it any different.”

The Pitt County School system seemed to think the same thing, because in 1970 they issued the integration of all schools in the Pitt County District, which is when the merger of Ayden-Grifton came about. In 1971 Ayden-Grifton High School was opened, and all students from the town of Ayden and Grifton regardless of color were to attend this school. This school was located on a 30-84 acre site between the towns of Ayden and Grifton. The school was 121,859 square feet and could hold a capactiy of 1,056 people. The cost of this new school was $1,919,189 and the community helped with the paying for some of the school. T.G. Worthington who was the Chairman of Pitt County Board of Education said, “When the project was initiated it was a dream come true.” Stated in the Daily Reflector (May 1, 1972) “The aim of this project is to give every boy and girl in this county as good an opportunity for a good high school education as could be gotten anywhere.” The merger of Ayden and Grifton High Schools to form Ayden-Grifton High was a successful consolidation of black and white children truly integrated. After 40 years of true integration Ayden-Grifton High School is still up and running teaching the students of the future.


Peace Met by Schools of Grifton. (1966, February 28). The Daily Reflector.

Opportunities offered by New School Lauded in Sunday Education. (1972, May 1). The Daily Reflector.

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DW Box # 25


  • Drummer- male who plays the drums as a way to connect with spirits & gods.
  • Pow-wow- native american event filled with music, costumes, foods from the Native American culture.
  • Headdress-  name of the head wear that is worn on a Native American.
  • Native Music- music created by natives to talk to spirits.
  • Natives- people from another part of the world that participates and believes in the culture of the Native Americans.
  • Dream Catcher- handmade and decorated with personal and sacred items such as feathers and beads.
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Reflection # 1- MP # 1

1. In your BSP draft, what’s working well ?

-We have all of our information for our timeline on Ayden History so that’s working well, we just have to create the actual digital timeline. Our interview worked well, we put it together in a video because we had to increase the volume because our interviewee wasn’t loud enough on the original tape so that worked well. We have our information for the essay on Grifton school we just have to put it in a written form.

2. What’s not working well ?

– We are having a hard time finding pictures to go along with our timeline, we have events for our timeline just finding pictures to go with it isn’t working out too well.

3.  What 3 questions do you have for your reviewers ?

– 1. Is our draft clear and easy to follow ? 2. Does our draft present enough knowledge pertaining to this project ? 3. Do you have any ideas of what else we can do to make our product better ?

4. How can we help you to move to the next stages of your process ?

– Give feedback on what you think was good & what we need to improve on.

5. What type of feedback would you like and in what form ?

– I would like feedback on what you think we can do to better our project, and I would like it written down or orally told.

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